Author: Jay Spear

Tech Strategies for SMBs: Leveraging IT to Outpace Your Competition

Your small/mid-sized business faces steep competition, both from larger established companiesand those nimble startups that have nothing to lose yet. If technology is the equalizer in thebusiness world, why isn’t the playing field level? The answer: most companies, especially SMBsdon’t have the resources or time to understand and leverage the tech that will outpace theircompetition.… Read more »

How a Small Business Transformed with a Virtual CIO

Every small and medium-sized organization faces challenges in managing their tech and technologystrategy. This is particularly true for Precision Products Group (PPG). Despite their reputation and expertise in manufacturing, PPG struggled to keep up with evolving IT demands. That’s when they hired a Virtual CIO (vCIO). This is the roadmap to their transformation that followed.… Read more »

The Power of Risk Assessment and Safeguarding Your Future

Risk assessment might sound like a term reserved for big corporations or finance wizards, but it’ssomething we all do every day. Whether it’s deciding to carry an umbrella based on the weather orwearing a seatbelt before driving, risk assessment is ingrained in our decision-making process all ofthe time. Consider your health Think about the last… Read more »